NOV 2016

I have been going to Fit U Fitness since I moved to the River District about 1.5 years ago. I really enjoy the workouts, the camaraderie, and all the new friends I have made. I highly recommend you join! No matter what your fitness level, Gail and Alicia have suggestions on how to increase or decrease the intensity of the bootcamp.

           Aimee F, Vancouver BC

DEC 2014

Gail and Alicia are great fitness coaches. They use their creativity to design fun whole body workouts. Always leave smiling.

           Kelly L, Vancouver BC

 OCT 2013

“When I began taking fitness classes with Fit U Fitness, I was looking to increase my strength and endurance for the baseball & hockey that I play. An area of concern for me was the shoulder pain I had during and after baseball games that sometimes lasted a few days. Almost immediately I noticed results. I did a combination of personal training gym sessions with Alicia and bootcamp. The gym sessions focused on gaining more flexibility in my shoulder and increasing my overall strength using weights. I was amazed at how much the workouts helped me. I now have no shoulder pain after baseball games. Alicia designed a workout plan for me that I was able to take home and do myself or with some baseball teammates. This season my team ended up winning the championship in our league and part of that was due to Fit U Fitness for sure!

Alicia suggested that I come to bootcamp on my non-gym days to mix my workouts up a bit. I attended classes both with Gail instructing & Alicia. The bootcamp with Gail is really fun! She is extremely up-beat, encouraging and her classes are high energy and a challenge. She varies her classes to keep them interesting & new. Alicia’s bootcamp classes are great too. She is also encouraging, energetic and pays close attention to everyone’s form and pushed me enough out of my comfort zone to make me realize my body can do much more than I thought. I look forward to my gym sessions and bootcamp classes. Alicia& Gail are both very knowledgeable and patient, which makes it easier for someone like me who is new to taking fitness classes. Don’t be surprised if you finish each class with a smile because they are both very friendly too. I am looking forward my off-season training with Fit U Fitness to improve even further. “

           Shaun V, Vancouver BC

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