Gail Marek

Hi, Gail Here! Group/Third Age Fitness Instructor.

Just a little about my background: I have been a fitness enthusiast for over 30+ years and it has been my lifelong passion to stay active. My experience includes both indoor and outdoor activities; These ranging from circuit workouts to boot camp, aerobics and cycling. But extending my interests along with my husband, two kids and pet, all for the passion and love of hiking, skiing and snowshoeing.

I have completed the BCRPA fitness modules in: Fitness Theory, Group Fitness and Third Age, along with being certified in First Aid CPR/AED Level “C”. I continue to keep up to date by attending workshops and seminars to dedicate myself to learning the advancement in the health and fitness industry for my client’s best needs.

In my fitness classes, I combine a mix of HIIT/Tabata/Crossfit/Circuit to create workouts that will challenge your muscles, endurance, flexibility & core strength. Classes are for all fitness levels and workouts can be tailored to every fitness level, yet collectively engaged as a group. I incorporate an array of equipment such as dumb-bells,resistance bands, bosu, body bar, skipping rope, kettlebells, cones, TRX, battle ropes, ab rollers, med-ball, stability ball, gliders, body weight etc

My goal is to provide motivation, inspiration and knowledge so participants will excel in their personal fitness goals, stay consistent in improving overall health and reaching their individual achievement of being the best that they can be!

Make exercise a part of your life. Once you do, you will love yourself for it!

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Alicia Barber

Hi, I am Alicia, fitness instructor & personal trainer. I want to change the negative connotations of “working out” by creating challenging (but fun!) programs that empower my clients. With consistency & accountability, anything is possible.

I am certified in First Aid & CPR and have completed the following courses through BCRPA: Fitness Theory, Group Fitness, Weight Training, Personal Trainer, Yoga Fitness, Indoor Cycling Instructor training. I regularly participate in fitness workshops and conferences to keep current with fitness trends, new research, and instructing special populations.

I've also completed a diploma in Marketing Communications from BCIT and work as an Office Manager for an IT company by day. I've always been an active person. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 3 and have been on a life long journey to keep active in order to keep physically mobile.

I am a resident of the River District in Vancouver and I am so happy to offer fitness classes in my own neighbourhood! It's great to be involved in the community. I also instruct Indoor Cycling classes at Trout Lake Community Centre.

When I have spare time you can find me at Fraserview golf course, hiking on the North Shore, or cycling along the river!